Advice from a Local Business Man on Hail Repair

Here are a few tips to help with your hail experience from John Neznik, owner of Crystal

Collision Center. Hail happens to a lot of people at the same time, but not everyone can

get it fixed at the same time. Hail is not an emergency. Schedule your estimate and

repairs at your convenience. Do not go to the ‘tent’ or any temporary estimating location.

These estimators are brought in from around the country and are well trained highly

skilled professionals that write damage according to a grid. They write several estimates

an hour and they can not take the time to write an accurate estimate. They will pay less.

I’ve seen it thousands of times. Choose a local person to help present your hail claim.

Someone you can trust that will look out for your best interest.


Having a hail damage claim and not fixing it and keeping the money is done by some

people. This is risky and does have some consequences. One of them is the equity in

your vehicle is diminished and a lien holder or lessor does not like that. That is

understandable. Continuing to pay the premium on the equity of your vehicle when it has

been devalued by the hail claim can be a problem. If you have another claim of any kind,

the insurance company will deduct any prior damage and your past deductible from your

new claim, even though you are paying 100% of the premium.


We here at Crystal Collision Center can’t handle all of the hail that has happened in our

neighborhood. The ones we do handle we must schedule and allow enough time to do an

accurate job on them. Writing an estimate on a vehicle that has hail is not rocket science.

We count every dent and measure them. Then we use the PDR matrix grid that has been

established by the insurance industry to come up with a price. Good repairs start with a

good estimate. Give us a call we are here to help you. 763-533-0412.


PDR is an industry acronym for paintless dent repair. Not all hail dents are candidates

for this procedure. When it can be used it is the best repair. When it can’t be used then

conventional repair or panel replacement is done.


If you already have an estimate from your insurance company you don’t need to get

another estimate. That will only confuse the process. The insurance estimate is the

starting point. Most body shops will work off that and anything additional will need to

get approved by the insurance company. If you have any questions call one of our

consultants they will be happy to assist you in your claims process.

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