Concierge Service

Leave Your Car and We’ll Get You on Your Way!

Getting into a car accident is stressful business.  Whether you’re at fault or not, the impacts on your day-to-day can be drastic.  Who has the time?!  This morning you were happily going about your day (albeit maybe running late for work), and now you have a million phone calls to make, hours of hold music to listen to, and no plan or guarantee that it will all work out.  From calling your insurance company, getting quotes, finding out about rental car coverage, calling rental car companies etc., it can be a major stressor on your life.  Don’t try to squeeze it all in between meetings and t-ball practice.

Let. Us. Help.  We can play your personal concierge.  Bring us your car (or we’ll arrange someone to tow it for you), and we’ll handle the rest.  We’ll work through the details with your insurance company, arrange for towing, a ride home or a rental car, get your car fixed as good as new, and then get it back into your hands.  Viola. Like magic.

Don’t be a victim of car accident stress. A car accident doesn’t need to ruin your month.  Let us handle it!

We focus on you.  Call us and we’ll tell you how we can make your life easier!


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