Top 10 Things Your Car is…. Besides a Car

Home away from home – According to an Arbitron study, we spend 15 hours a week in our cars; that’s almost 800 hours a year! Besides your home, it’s the next best location that gives you an irreplaceable sense of comfort.

  1. Makeshift dining room – We’ve all had a meal or two while on the road and though it gets a little messy, it’s always a fun part of a trip, no?
  2. Alternate therapist – That car’s seen you laugh and seen you cry; it probably knows more about you than most people. The best part? No judgments.
  3. Baby’s rocking chair – Another trip or two around the block should do it. Wait … hear that? No? Exactly.
  4. Karaoke bar – The interior of this car is probably the only witness to you singing Michael Jackon at the top of your lungs (and actually, really kind of, trying). Again, the whole no judgements thing is great.
  5. Ego-booster – Nothing makes you feel more confident in your ride than a fresh car wash. Seeing your reflection in a fresh wax? Bonus.
  6. Your favorite child – Whether you have three children or no kids at all, your car is always your first baby.
  7. Freedom – Passing that driver’s test at 16 was your first true sense of freedom, and you’ll never forget the feeling as mom handed you those keys.
  8. Drive in movie couch – Pack the blankets and the popcorn, open the hatch, and your four wheels just turned into a brand new couch.
  9. Your closet – That shirt you’ve been missing for four months? Check under the pile of clothes in your backseat. We know, you’ve been meaning to clean that out for weeks.
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