Car Wash

Maintain Your Vehicle with Regular Washes Around The Clock with our car wash

We have unlimited wash passes available and you can easily sign up or manage your account by clicking this link!

Open 24 hours, 7 days a week, our drive-through car wash and vacuum island is available for your convenience.

Our large truck bay has a height limit of 8 feet. We can even accommodate a dual wheel crew cab truck with an 8 foot box and a ladder in the rack! If you have questions about your specific vehicle, give us a call at 763-533-0412.

You are protecting your investment and helping to maintain the value of your vehicle by keeping it clean.

Why have your vehicle professionally cleaned regularly?

  • Professionals know the exact mixtures of proper cleansers to get your car or truck clean and give it a nice shine
  • The Twin Cities winters are hard on vehicles in many ways. Salt and sand are corrosive and should be removed well and often.
  • Dirt wears on your vehicle’s interior, too.  Cleaning your car inside and out will retain its value longer.

Buy your car washes 3 easy ways:

  • As you drive into our full service wash
  • At our Service Desk
  • Commercial Fleets can be on a monthly billing with account detail provide per vehicle

We use Car Brite, Wizards and 3M for all of our waxes, polishes, soaps, etc.